Introduction to Mastering Risk in Crypto Options

💡 Marty's Masterclass

Crypto options can position you to make monies in any market condition.


Options are among the most versatile instruments in the financial markets, offering unique strategies and opportunities.

Whether you're new to options or seeking to sharpen your skills, this Masterclass is designed for you. However, a baseline understanding of options concepts and strategies is required; completing the Options 101 and Strategy courses here in the Premia Academy will do the trick.

Marty's Risk Masterclass provides a deep dive into risk management for options strategies, the Greeks, and portfolio management. However, true proficiency in options trading extends beyond this course. It requires continuous learning, testing, and refining of strategies.

Remember, this masterclass lays the groundwork, but real mastery comes from consistent practice and experience. Let's set you on the path to becoming a skilled options trader.

Crypto Options: Mastering risk management is almost synonymous to mastering crypto options themselves


As we advance through the curriculum, we will cover various topics surrounding risk management in crypto options.

Marty's Risk Management Masterclass consists of 6 lessons, each with detailed definitions for risks and strategy management, followed by a short exam to test your knowledge. Some important skills that we are aiming to develop by learning more about these topics are as follows.

  1. Market Analysis Techniques: How to analyze the cryptocurrency market to form a bullish or bearish outlook. This includes fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and sentiment analysis.
  2. Volatility Analysis: Understanding implied vs. historical volatility and how to use volatility to choose the right strategy.
  3. Risk Management: How to size positions, set stop-loss levels, and adjust strategies in response to market movements.
  4. Trade Management: Techniques for rolling positions, managing early assignment, and optimizing entry and exit points.
  5. Advanced Greeks Analysis: Delving deeper into the Greeks to understand how they can impact each strategy over time and with market movements.
  6. Scenario Analysis: Running through various market scenarios to understand the potential outcomes of each strategy.
  7. Portfolio Considerations: How each strategy fits within a broader portfolio and considerations for diversification.

Mastering Risk in Crypto Options: Ready to learn, Anon? Let's get started!

Test Yourself!

What will you learn in the Mastering Risk in Crypto Options course?

  • How to become a 100% win rate options trader.

  • How to analyze, choose, understand and manage options strategies depending on their risks and implications to optimize performance.

  • How to make monies.