Introduction to Premia

💡 Welcome to Premia!

In this article, you will learn about:

  • The core offerings of Premia Finance
  • Premia's target audience
  • Advantages of Premia as a DeFi Options platform

Premia: The Premier DeFi Options Exchange

Premia Finance is a decentralized options platform where users can buy and sell DeFi Options with customizable strikes and expiries on multiple crypto assets, or deposit assets to earn yield from liquidity pools and strategy vaults.

The upcoming Premia Blue upgrade will provide the cleanest UI in the business, fully market-driven pricing, one-click strategy vaults, and capital-efficient concentrated liquidity pools. In other words, Premia will become a truly decentralized options exchange that offers every tool that an options trader might wish for, no matter their level of sophistication.

Understanding what Premia Finance can be used for is essential to both traders and investors, as it is a protocol designed to cater to a diverse range of market participants.

Premia Finance: Trade DeFi Options and earn yield with customizable strikes and expiries on a multitude of crypto assets, including BTC, ETH, and OP!

Who can Benefit from Premia?

Premia Finance opens its doors to a broad spectrum of users, from novices dipping their toes into options trading to institutions with vast capital reserves.

For newcomers, Premia simplifies options by providing one-click options liquidity pools. For those who seek more depth, it also offers highly customizable American options on multiple crypto assets.

DeFi Options Traders

  • American-style DeFi Options can be exercised at any time
  • Customizable strike price, expiration date, and option size
  • Options on multiple assets, including ETH, BTC, and OP

Liquidity Providers

  • Pools for multiple crypto assets (any ERC-20 with Premia Blue)
  • vxPremia voting for liquidity incentives
  • Concentrated liquidity and one-click strategy vaults soon with Premia Blue

Premia caters to a wide array of users with different goals and needs in DeFi.

Advantages of Premia

So, why would one sway towards Premia? The reasons are manifold.

In the intricate world of DeFi options, Premia places heavy emphasis on a seamless user experience, and a clean interface. Its market-driven pricing mechanism offers clarity, and the one-click liquidity pools and vaults are a boon for traders wanting quick and efficient strategies.

Moreover, with customizable strikes and expiration dates on a multitude of assets, Premia's granular American-style options are nothing to scoff at. As a cherry on top, the permissionless nature of Premia accentuates our decentralized ethos, ensuring that the power remains with our users.

Users can additionally stake Premia tokens to reduce trading fees, earn their cut of protocol revenue, and vote on liquidity incentives!

Premia V2: A decentralized platform for trading DeFi options and earning yield from one-click liquidity pools.

Premia Blue: An upcoming upgrade that brings forth concentrated liquidity, one-click strategy vaults, options for any ERC-20, and OTC liquidity - a true lovechild between Uniswap V3 and Deribit.

Test Yourself!

What can users customize when trading DeFi Options on Premia?

  • The token, option type, and implied volatility.

  • The underlying token, strike price, expiration date, and option size.

  • The underlying asset, collateral type, and Delta.