Buying Options

💡 Welcome to a step-by-step walkthrough for trading options on Premia Blue!
Note: The examples used are for buying options (entering a long call/put position). Traders can follow the same process to sell options (enter a short call/put position) by choosing "Sell" instead of "Buy" at the beginning.

Trading Options

1. Start by picking either "Call" or "Put", clicking on “Select Underlying Token”, and selecting the token for the option you want to trade.

2. After that, select your strike price by clicking the Strike Price dropdown.

3. After choosing your strike price, you’ll be presented with a window to select your Expiration Date.

4. For the final step, select your Option Size. Type in the size you want and you’ll be presented with a list of quotes from the available liquidity. The best available quote will always be displayed at the top.

After choosing your preferred quote, click the "Buy option" button. You'll be presented with a confirmation screen that displays details along with a potential P&L chart.

Buy the option, confirm the transaction in your wallet, and you're good to go!